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McCoy in the Frame by Edward Whitaker

McCoy In The Frame By Edward Whitaker

Book review by Mary Pitt Photography is all about being in the right place at the right time, but it’s also about skill, the ability to see a ...

William Hill , The Man & The Business

William Hill, The Man & The Business review by Mary Pitt

Graham Sharpe has been a columnist for BOS Magazine since the very first issue appeared in 1981. He has been with the William Hill organisation i...

Tommo book cover

BOOK REVIEW: Tommo: Too Busy to Die

The temptation might be to dismiss this as some syrupy sweet confection, a twee account of the life and times of the former Channel 4 presenter. ...

Doped - book cover

BOOK REVIEW Doped by Jamie Reid

In the years surrounding the legalisation of betting shops, horseracing was blighted by a spate of high-profile dopings. Arguably the most famous...

‘A Weight off my Mind’

The big problem with books about top sports people, TV performers, or anyone else bringing out an autobiography at the height of their fame, is t...