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Graham Sharpe

William Hill , The Man & The Business

William Hill, The Man & The Business review by Mary Pitt

Graham Sharpe has been a columnist for BOS Magazine since the very first issue appeared in 1981. He has been with the William Hill organisation i...

Graham Sharpe

Turf tales yet to be written

Graham Sharpe BARNEY CURLEY’s controversial betting exploits over the years have captivated and irritated interested parties to a greater or...

Graham Sharpe

Not ready to retire just yet…! by Graham Sharpe

I was minding my own business, trying to find a winner at Brighton – something which had always eluded me on previous visits to the quirky trac...

Graham Sharpe

‘You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’…! by Graham Sharpe

  JONI MITCHELL is one of the iconic names of sixties’ music. It is pretty much my life’s work (well, the part of it which has happen...

Graham Sharpe

It’s a dead loss, literally…!

The powers-that-be at BOS gave me about ten minutes’ notice that they wanted this edition’s column, and wanted it NOW. So it should be no sur...

Graham Sharpe

Fastest four-course meal in the world!

PORNICHET sounded a rather iffy name for a racecourse, but it turned out to be a most acceptable seaside course on the Cote d’Amour (no, me nei...