Bookmakers Trade Fair 2013
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Mary Pitt


The Levy Board’s annual report for the 52nd levy scheme (2013-14) showed increases in nearly every category, including total income (up from £...

Sporting Life Caption

‘Black Saturday’ for the layers

Chris Pitt recalls a bad weekend for the bookmakers... The second weekend of January this year proved one of the most costly in football betting...

Graham Sharpe

Turf tales yet to be written

Graham Sharpe BARNEY CURLEY’s controversial betting exploits over the years have captivated and irritated interested parties to a greater or...

Peter Rangeley

Protecting the young

In the fourth of a series of features on the Gambling Commission Chris Pitt looks at test purchasing procedures and underage gambling The issue ...

Bar One screens

Bar One Racing offers service to UK bookmakers

Screen One Bureau Service, a part of the Bar One Racing Group, has been providing a comprehensive price and screen service to Irish Bookmakers f...

Gun Bow leads around clubhouse turn Washington DC


FIFTY YEARS AGO, in November 1964, I was conned into taking bookmakers on a tour of American racetracks by Ossie Fletcher, editor of the Sporting...

Andy Clerkson

Ain’t Life Grand

Chris Pitt meets Andy Clerkson, founder of web designers Grand Parade  “The best and most reliable computer people in London,” lauded Star ...

Darren Bird Cartoon of Her Majesty the Queen

Tweet makes Bird famous

 Social media can be very powerful. Just ask Darren Bird. Three years ago, he was an aspiring artist/cartoonist with a day job living in a semi-...

Bobby Swift in his Colchester Shop Picture: Mary Pitt

Bobby Swift: back in business by Chris Pitt

“It took me two years to realise that all those people who win the Lottery and say they’re not going to give up working are the most sensible...