Bookmakers Trade Fair 2013
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Bookmakers Technology Consortium

Howard Chisolm

BTC offers strength for independents

There is strength in numbers. That was the message Howard Chisholm of the Bookmakers Technology Consortium brought to a well-attended seminar at ...

2013 Floor Diagram

Bookmakers Trade Fair Catalogue

2DB    Contact: Angelo Sanzone Tel: 07790 825766 Email: If looking to replace your existing screen display ...

Multiview Screens

BTC endorses the Trade Fair

The Bookmakers’ Technology Consortium have been exhibitors at the BOS Magazine Bookmakers’ Trade Fair in Wolverhampton since its inceptio...

Championbet's Adam Tomlinson and Amanda Hensman

ChampionBet at centre of action in Loughborough by Chris Pitt

In 1841, the Leicestershire town of Loughborough was the destination for the first package tour, organised by a man named Thomas Cook for a tempe...