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Angus Dalrymple

John Mort Green, a.k.a. 'The Butterfly' and 'Soupbones'

Derby gamble of a lifetime

By Angus Dalrymple THE ENVELOPE BORE bore my name and address in bright green ink And confirmed what I’d been thinking for years. “To G...

Angus Christmas carve-up cartoon

A Christmas carve-up

by Angus Dalrymple EXACTLY 50 years ago I was asked by the editor of the Sporting Life to write a short story.  He needed it to fill space in...

Gun Bow leads around clubhouse turn Washington DC


FIFTY YEARS AGO, in November 1964, I was conned into taking bookmakers on a tour of American racetracks by Ossie Fletcher, editor of the Sporting...

Michael Wallis shows his son, Simon, how to bet on the rails

GREAT BOOKMAKING FAMILIES The Laurie Wallis Dynasty 80 years – and still on the Rails! by Angus Dalrymple

LAURIE WALLIS STARTED young in the bookmaking game. He was only twenty-one when he opened an office in Lincoln. Times were tough. Little money wa...

Brian Swift, the popular jockey son of bookmakers Jack Swift

The Swifts of Piccadilly: the final years

THE SWIFT BOOKMAKING dynasty’s last years were packed with drama, suspense, triumph and tragedy. If you think this sounds like the start of ...

Jack Swift

Great Bookmaking Families… Swifts win big – but lose top man

MY STORY ABOUT the Swifts of Piccadilly in our last issue began with Jack and Maisie’s losing gamble on Ornamental Star at Folkestone with thei...

Brian Swift, the popular jockey son of bookmakers Jack Swift

Great Bookmaking Families- The Swifts of Piccadilly

by ANGUS DALRYMPLE WORKING FOR THE SWIFTS – Jack, his wife Maisie and their son Brian, a well-known Flat jockey – was the most exciting an...

The Sporting Life 26/06/1963, p.7 detail

Great Bookmaking Families…The Stallions of the “Elephant”

Angus Dalrymple remembers The Stallions of 'The Elephant" BOOKMAKING IS DAMNED hard work. Always was, is, and will be. The profession deman...

guiness bookmakers-1

Great Bookmaking Families…The Guiness brothers of Regent Street

Rise and fall of a bookmaking  dynasty by ANGUS DALRYMPLE MORNINGS AT THE Bob Guiness office high on the east side of Regent Street were ...

At the height of the big freeze, punters crowd around a Sporting Life wallboard bleakly trying to study unfamiliar French form, with racing at Saint Cloud being that day’s only betting option.

Storm of the Century

How we survived nearly TEN WEEKS with no horse racing by Angus Dalrymple “IT’S EASIER OVER THE STICKS” was an attractive aphorism ...

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