Bookmakers Trade Fair 2013
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A Bet A's Julie Craig

A Bet A

As leading specialist providers of bet management and screen display systems, it was no surprise to see A Bet A’s stand busy throughout the day...

ABETA Betty Coke Bottles


A Bet A had advertised they’d be showcasing six additional bet management systems at the Trade Fair, including Tote Express direct integration ...


Win a few quid with ‘Sid’

SINCE BECOMING PRESTON North End’s betting facilities provider in July 2013, BetSid has opened two shops, one in Church Street, Preston, the ot...

Howard Chisolm

BTC offers strength for independents

There is strength in numbers. That was the message Howard Chisholm of the Bookmakers Technology Consortium brought to a well-attended seminar at ...

2013 Floor Diagram

Bookmakers Trade Fair Catalogue

2DB    Contact: Angelo Sanzone Tel: 07790 825766 Email: If looking to replace your existing screen display ...