MRG will be at the Trade Fair in Solihull this year with a smart new logo and brand identity.  If you’re intrigued to view in advance then visit their website at

At the Trade Fair MRG will be showcasing display solutions which are examples of the new technologies set to replace and remove the reliance on specialised equipment in the UKs betting offices of the future.

The in-shop PC of the last couple of decades is being replaced by faster off-the-shelf units using standard hardware.  These units are being configured to meet the specific requirements of customers.  With faster processing speeds and modern graphics capabilities providing HD or better resolution (4K in some shops) these shop servers are capable of providing more functionality than simply driving the gantry screens. Intelligent peripherals such as Managers monitors, touchscreen CITs and Summary screens can run over the network using web technology using the shop server as a hub.  Thus reducing the amount of cabling within the betting shop.

TV technology is becoming smarter.  Smart TVs with integrated browsers are now capable of displaying some of the information in the betting shop, reducing the need for complex PCs with multiple graphics cards. TV manufacturers are currently working hard to match the resolution of their browsers with the resolution of their screens.  The in-shop server will become a simpler unit when they succeed.

MRG will exhibit several examples of these technologies to demonstrate the future potential of the systems they are developing.

The popular and successful DailyForm has been redesigned and is now provided on 21” tablet for an even better experience.  Tablet technology provides the convenience of a single unit with an in-built PC.  MRG say the new DailyForm is one of the most cost effective solutions of its type available to the market.

The All in One screen is an automated display of horse and dog racing similar to a digital newspaper.  But; continued development at MRG has advanced the product to provide another alternative solution they call a Summary screen.

The Summary screen is the next generation display.  Unlike the All in One much of it is configurable; enabling different markets such as football and other sports to be selected.  The order in which these markets are displayed can be arranged to suit the studios preferences on the day.  Plus it is easy to incorporate additional advertising into the displays when required.  This might be useful as the day’s events come to an end but the screens continue to work hard showing specials and future events.  Both the All in One and the Summary screen utilise a PC so small it can fit in the palm of your hand.