Wednesday, October 21


BOS Magazine’s Lesley Sharman explains the changes occurring this year.


I expect you have been hearing all sorts of rumours regarding the 2015 Bookmakers’ Trade Fair. I would like to take this opportunity to put you all in the picture – straight from the ‘horse’s mouth’.


The Trade Fair is alive and well!


I mentioned at last year’s event that I was heading for retirement. Well, I’ve reached the dreaded pensionable age so have taken the fortuitous step to pass the whole event over to TVC (TV & Video Direct.).
As you may be aware, TVC (TV & Video Direct), have built the trade stands at the Trade Fair since its inception in its current format in 2009 so are the obvious choice to continue this enjoyable and vital networking event.




Matthew Brown, managing director at TVD Group (NW) Ltd, elaborates:

TVC are synonymous with the UK’s betting and gaming industry and with the acquisition of the BOS Bookmakers’ Trade Fair, it seems this link is getting stronger.

Naturally, we are delighted to take on the Bookmakers’ Trade Fair and to have the opportunity to build on the success of previous years that has been delivered by Lesley Sharman’s BOS Magazine.

This position reaffirms our commitment and our continuing success in the licensed betting office, racecourses, adult gaming centres and bingo venues in the UK, a growth that has being powered by some of the world’s leading brands.

TVC hope to raise the bar again with a change of venue. Whereas for five years the Bookmakers’ Trade Fair has taken place at Wolverhampton Racecourse, with no evening racing scheduled this year we took the decision to move the location during this transition.

The new location for the Bookmakers’ Trade Fair will be Cranmore Park Conference & Exhibition Centre, Solihull, on the outskirts of Birmingham. There are also hotel rooms reserved at the Village Urban Resorts Hotel. Please note these rooms are on a first come first served bases.

The essence and tradition of the Bookmakers’ Trade Fair is very important to us and regardless of changes made to the event, we are very conscious of retaining the feel and atmosphere of the trade fair whilst introducing new products and software solutions.

The face of the betting and gaming industry is changing with the increase of online services, digital signage and analytical solutions, mobile and tablet in-store integration which allows your business greater customer engagement and communication through a variety technology solutions.

TVC’s aim is to demonstrate that our partners and exhibitors can provide the betting and gaming industry with solutions that redefine, enhance and increase sales for your business.


BOS Magazine will still carry all information regarding the 2015 Bookmakers’ Trade Fair, but the contact details for stand information, venue, etc, will be as follows:


Andy Greaves

Mobile: 07810 865802



Paul Lomas

Mobile: 07717 205746