Bookmakers Trade Fair 2013



MRG Sports a new look at the Trade Fair

MRG will be at the Trade Fair in Solihull this year with a smart new logo and brand identity.  If you’re intrigued to view in advance then vis...

BHA chief executive Nick Rust

Nick Rust

Nick Rust took over the reins as chief executive of the British Horseracing Authority in January of this year, the first to be chosen with a back...

Dominic Ford

Dominic Ford’s varied roles

In the first of a two part feature Chris Pitt talks with Dominic Ford, founder of Roar! Betting As CEO of London bookmakers Roar! Betting, vic...

Riband Racing's Pete Gallagher

Riband Racing

In a corner of the shop at Southampton independent Riband Racing stood five stacked boxes of soon-to-be-installed LED screens. The logo on them p...

SP Racing's Sean Payne

SP Racing a bit of Leicester in Wales

It feels a touch incongruous to observe the fox’s head from Leicester City FC’s logo woven into the sign above a mid-Wales bookmaker’s shop...