Bookmakers Trade Fair 2013


Mary Pitt

Comment from Mary Pitt

AS THIS IS BOS Magazine’s 200th issue, this corner recently spent a rainy afternoon – what other kind has there been lately? – trolling thr...

Debbie Hardman of A BET A

A Bet A signs deal with David Pluck Bookmakers

A Bet A has signed a deal with independent bookmakers David Pluck Limited. The specialist provider will replace Open Bet as the operator’s excl...

Jack Swift

Great Bookmaking Families… Swifts win big – but lose top man

MY STORY ABOUT the Swifts of Piccadilly in our last issue began with Jack and Maisie’s losing gamble on Ornamental Star at Folkestone with thei...

Gerry Sutcliffe, Picture: Mary Pitt

Sutcliffe calls for ‘appropriate bet’ debate

Labour MP Gerry Sutcliffe called on the betting industry to discuss what an ‘appropriate bet’ is, saying that gambling on the number of red a...

Keith McDonnell

TotelFootball: Fantasy football means real money

Fantasy football has come a long way – and seen many variations – since Andrew Wainstein created the original game in England in 1991, having...

Joe Scanlon

Greyhound trust’s new trustee

The Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT) has appointed Joe Scanlon as a trustee. He will join the RGT’s nine-member board of trustees that guides the ...

Equine welfsre group

The Brooke – 80 years of improving equine welfare

There are over 100 million working equines in the developing world, used in farming, goods transport and tourism. An international animal welfare...

Bookmakers rate England 33-1 to emulate the 1966 World Cup victors

South American luck of the draw

Phil Judge previews the World Cup groups… Now that the dust has had a little time to settle following the Football World Cup draw in early D...


Terry Crehan – betting by the books

Not surprisingly for a bookmaker, Terry Crehan has always been pretty good at making books – but in his case compiling horseracing scrapbooks a...